Bovington HIVE Blog spot

The HIVE Blogspot is the new electronic community notice board providing up to the minute information on what is happening on the garrison plus more - all in line

Details of local events,activities,important notices, Jobs, Adult Learning courses, MoD offers and Discounts and much more are on the blogpsot. The blogspot will expand with more pages and features during 2012. If you would like any notices,events or activities displayed (free) on the site contact the HIVE on 01929 403185

Bovington HIVE Information Support Office

For more information on the HIVE Information Support Office click on to Bovington Station in the left column and scroll down to HIVE (Information Support Centre)

Bovington HIVE
King George V Road
Dorset BH20 6JA

: 01929 403185
Mil: (9)4374 Ext 3185

Opening Hours: Mon-Thur: 0830 - 1630 Fri 0830 - 1600