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Bovington Accountants

Humphries Kirk Wareham Solicitors

Glebe House, North St, Wareham BH20 4AN, UK – 01929 552141

Hello, I recently had to seek advice about a matter very close to my heart. Neeedless to say, it is never nice having to go to a solicitors to seek advice because as humans we like to be able to work out our own problems. From the moment I walked in the offices I was greeted warmly and made to feel very welcome in an enviroment I was very unfamiliar with and this was even before I had seen the solictor! First impressions count massively for me, so I was very pleased already. This feeling was echoed throughout my visit and the solicitor was immensely helopful with my problem. This issue has since been sorted and it is only down to Humpries Kirk that it is that way...so a big thank you to all the team! Regards, Mike

Ward Goodman Wareham

St Mary's House, 24 North Street, Wareham BH20 4AG, UK – 01929 551551

Bune Michael

16B South St, Wareham BH20 4LT, UK – 01929 553551

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Ward Goodman Wareham

St Mary's House, 24 North Street, Wareham BH20 4AG, UK – 01929 551551

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