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This is a natural, emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. It is a NORMAL reaction to an ABNORMAL situation.If you feel that any of the following describe what you are feeling.please talk to some one and get help.The PTSD website is there to help and give you the chance to speak to someone who has been there.The help is there you just need a guiding hand to find it.
PTSD is not a discriminative disorder. It effects us all(regardless of sex,creed,religion or nationality) in almost the same destablilising and destructive mind set which, if not stopped,treated and reversed is massively destructive to both the sufferer,their family and friends alike. Living through a trauma can have a profound effect on your life.
Do you feel any of these apply to you?
I have been/was on active service during my career.
Northern Ireland
Gulf War
Falklands Conflict
Or anywhere else
The following can also apply:
I am being/was victimised during my service
Sexual Harrassment
Suffered Racial Abuse
Are you suffering from any of the following which might be related to the above.
I suffer flash backs and nightmares.
Since my service I now have a serious drink or drug problem
I feel depressed,isolated,lonley and confused
I have tried to commit suicide because i just can not cope with my feelings
I am irritable,hyper alert and have sleep problems
i am angry at life
I feel I am the only one suffering like this and think i am going mad.
The above information is from the Yellow Ribbon Foundation who are proud to work with the PTSD association.The PTSD Awareness and Help Website is the creation of one man who has been through what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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