US Soldiers demonstrate power and lethality in field artillery exercise

ORO GRANDE RANGE, N.M.: Power. Power and lethality are what artillery crewmen assigned to M777 howitzers feel every time they pull the cord to send a round up to 15 miles downrange. Every outgoing shot feels like a shockwave, and the boom is deafening. Nerve. Nerve and precision are needed when standing beneath the spinning

US Army cavalry troops strengthen partnerships during Egyptian exercise

MOHAMED NAGUIB MILITARY BASE, Egypt — Across a vast landscape speckled with shrubbery, two armies met on a battlefield intent on defeating a common adversary. From planning and coordination all the way through to execution and battle tracking, U.S. and Egyptian forces collaborated during Exercise Bright Star 2017 at Mohamed Naguib Military Base, Egypt from

First-ever Desert Observer exercise between US Army, Kuwait

CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait: Soldiers from 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division and Kuwaiti military forces conducted the first-ever Desert Observer exercise near Udairi Range in northern Kuwait on Sept. 13. The multi-day, partnered training exercise simulated an attack across Kuwait’s border. Scouts identified the attacking opposition force and, after calling for fire, conducted

US Army Expands Pre-Positioned Stocks in Europe

When the United States decided to position a force in Europe for credible deterrence, it had to bolster its capabilities. The Army set in motion several actions, including extending regionally aligned forces (RAF) rotations to nine months, having RAF operate “heel to toe,” and pre-positioning combat, combat support, and sustainment equipment in Europe. On Dec.